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Welcome to the HighwayWiki

The HighwayWiki is designed to record and archive facts and pictures about each and every known traffic signal and accessory, including their respective companies, dates produced, and related brands and models. To contribute, you must be logged into an active Highway Divides account. If you have any questions or are unsure about any ideas, talk it over in the Wiki section on Highway Divides.

This Wiki is incomplete. It is still largely a work in progress.

Here is a key for the pages listed below:

[RED] Non-existing page
[BLUE] Page in progress
[BLUE] Finished.png Mature page

Manufacturers of the U.S.A.

Listed here is every known brand or manufacturer of traffic signals and associated equipment that exist or existed within the U.S.

Manufacturers International

THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE. This only includes a fraction of all international signal manufacturers, as many are not known to us.

* There are multiple manufacturers that share this common abbreviation.


Municipalities with Notable History

Assorted Specific Topic Pages

So You Bought Yourself a Traffic Light

Tips and tricks for repair, restoration, and display of a traffic light are covered. For more comprehensive coverage, visit * Highway Divides - The Forum


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